A day in the life of...

...A Manager


It’s 0630 am and I’ve just arrived at work. I’m greeted at the door by one of my residents who sits in the foyer every morning and says good morning to me. I normally make her a cup of tea when I am making my coffee . This is the start of my busy day.

No two days in my role are the same, every day brings something new.  My days are always busy having different duties to carry out daily.



I drop my bags into the office, here my day begins. Staff come and see me if there are any issues with their shift and I walk round the home to see what has happened overnight.

I then try to catch up with any emails that came in after I left the day before and look at any reports or audits that need doing.

I have the morning staff meeting at 10.00 am where all departments come for a flash meeting as this helps communication with the team.


Rest of the Day

I may have interviews and meetings or supervisions with staff, I really do have a lot of work to do and I always try and get through it as the next day can bring different challenges again.

Although my days are always busy I find my job very fulfilling, and I feel proud to do the job that I love.

I would urge anyone to come and join us. You won’t regret it!



...A Care Assistant


My name is Mandy and I am a Care Assistant. I enjoy my job as its fits in with my home life and I feel that I can make a difference. I have two young children who are at school and this jobs means I can work and care for my family. I wanted to work in a job where I can get some real job satisfaction. I have been a carer for 6 years now, I have met some fantastic people and learnt a great deal about people who live with dementia and how best to care for them.

My day

My work day begins at 8am – my morning usually involves a range of duties, from helping the residents to get up out of bed, to wash and dress, prepare breakfast and medication, and use the toilet. I also help with catheter care, changing bed linen and laundry.

I work with several other people including other Care Assistants, Domestic Assistants and Nurses. Throughout the day I try to deliver best care and support and I note down my observations on the residents’ care plans so that my colleagues are fully aware of the care that was given to each of our residents. We help each other all the time as it can get really busy.

I find that the morning routine is important to our residents as it sets them up for the day ahead. It is important that Care Assistants continually check the residents’ general welfare and wellbeing, monitor any health issues that they have and make any necessary observations and notes.

The middle of the day is taken up by lunchtime. Lunchtime involves food preparation, medication, assisting to use the toilet, helping with incontinence pads and help with eating.

In the late afternoon we serve Tea/ Dinner and this would involve similar duties – food preparation, toileting, catheter care, medication. Some of our residents can decide to go to bed early so I would help them on my own or with another colleague if there is such need.

I would finish by 8pm when the night shift starts, we do a handover 15 minutes before the end of my shift.

Good Care Assistant

To become a good Care Assistant, you have to be compassionate, patient, calm, understanding, open minded, flexible and hard-working. However, I can promise you, nothing will give you greater satisfaction than to provide the care to your residents.  


...A Nurse


Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a Registered Nurse with Holmes Care Group. 

I started working for Holmes Care Group in 2013, it was my first care home, prior to Holmes Care I worked for the NHS.  I must say that it is a very different environment working in a care home than working in a hospital. But I must say that the role is different and there is a different sense of satisfaction when my job is done well at the end of the day.

Most of our residents are elderly people and we deliver specialist dementia care, caring for my residents is most rewarding for me. 



Holmes Care Group has recently introduced a fantastic training called Virtual Dementia Tour and this training has given me the depth of understanding of this condition that I never had before.  It opened my eyes on what our residents living with dementia experience on a daily basis. We complete other training sessions at Holmes Care Group including all our nurse clinical training, Moving and Positioning People, Safeguarding, Adult Protectiona and many others. Training is vital in the role of a nurse and you always have to keep up with regular refreshers.


My day

During my working day I work closely with my residents, I deliver professional care including personal care. I administer and manage medications and supervise care staff.  I also offer support and guidance to the residents’ family members and get involved in external assessments.

You have to get to know your residents and it is very important you read the care plans and update them as often as needed. This means that others know what has been happening in a resident’s day, what meals and drinks they had, what medication they were given, how they felt, whether they were in a good mood. 

My day is never the same but I would not change this job for anything else. 

...A Domestic Assistant


Hi, I’m Serena and I have worked at Holmes Care for the past 12 years.


My Day

I start at 7am every day and my first task at work is to clean the staff areas, putting away crockery and emptying bins.  After that, I vacuum and dust the residents’ lounge and other communal areas.

Our home has two floors and provides both residential and nursing care. I work on the top floor, so I set up my cleaning trolley with a mop and bucket and cleaning products and make my way upstairs.

I start by thoroughly cleaning the bathroom and topping up the towel and soap dispensers, and then I move onto the residents’ bedrooms.

There are 21 bedrooms on my floor, and I start by popping into each one, saying good morning to the residents, who will normally be having a cup of tea, and removing any rubbish, before I do a full clean later on.


My favourite thing

My favourite thing about being a Domestic Assistant is chatting to residents, making them laugh and doing the little things that make a difference to their lives.


Tea Break

By the time I’ve gone round the bedrooms it’s 10.45am and time for a tea break. After my break, I swap my cleaning trolley for a cleaning box and go back up to the top floor to clean the residents’ bedrooms whilst they’re having breakfast in the dining room.


Domestic Assistant role

Being Domestic Assistant at a care home is not the easiest job but it is definitely rewarding.  Doing a thorough job is really important to me so sometimes it can be a challenge to get everything done in time, but the other Domestic Assistants help in if needed.


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